Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Break

During Spring Break, Xander got to spend a couple nights with us and the 3 of us had so much fun! Tuesday we met a bunch of friends at the Dollar Theatre and saw Tangled. That was Enoch's second time to got to the theatre and he did great again! The first was Christmas night and we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and he did excellent then, too!
Wednesday Xander spent the night. I was putting Enoch to sleep and Xander wanted to help, and cuddle, too! It was funny because Enoch kept laughing at Xander, which kept him from following asleep!

The next day was St. Patrick's Day! I gave Xander a St. Patty's pin and some socks to wear with his Phineas and Pherb tshirt (one of those guys has green hair) and we all had green to wear so we wouldn't get pinched while we were out shopping for wedding stuff! Or as Xander called the shopping experience, "How many more torture chambers are we going to?" Honestly he was so good! Both boys were! Since Xander was so good, Pam bought him a science kit that made your very own bouncy ball! When we got home that night, Xander was eager to make it, so Jared obliged and helped him! The next morning it was dry and we could play with it! My favorite part was Xander making up a rap song on how he made the bouncy ball! He rapped, I echoed and Xander, Enoch, and I danced in the kitchen!

The next day, Friday, Xander, Enoch, and I played outside. Xander painted on a canvas my mama bought him in Hobby Lobby for being so good! Oh before that, I decided to do Enoch's handprint in this plaster kit Pam bought him.It turned into a disaster that had me laughing, Xander telling me I was nuts, and Enoch screaming bloody murder! First, the plaster dried before I could get Enoch's hand in it. Then I came up with a brilliant idea to put blue fingerpaint on Enoch's hands and make the prints on the dried plaster. Enoch wouldn't open his hand to make a print, all the while screaming because this was not fun for him! I was on one side cleaning Enoch's hand with baby wipes and Xander on the other side cleaning that hand with baby wipes! Somehow I ended up with more paint on me than the two boys! I somewhat got a handprint, about as good as the nurse the day Enoch was born, and had fun doing it, but I may have been the only one! Needless to say, Enoch ended up in the bathtub turning his bath water blue!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 months old

I had trouble getting a good shot of Enoch this month. He was hungry in this picture, too, just like last month. I need to do better with the timing. Oh well!


Here are some cute pictures of Enoch the first time he sat in his Bumbo seat.

Here are some pictures of my handsome man before church one Sunday night.

Rice Cereal

On March 11,2011, Enoch tried rice cereal for the first time. Her also sat in his highchair for the first time as well. He seemed to be indifferent about the rice cereal. He ate it, but didn't seem to love it or care much at all.

A Sunday afternoon with a friend...

Xander wanted to hold Enoch after lunch one Sunday. I think Enoch has grown on Xander and now he really loves him! It's so sweet! He just needed to know we still loved him just the same as we did before Enoch was born!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Hoopla

My sister got engaged to the love of her life, Chad, in January! Here is a pic of her gorgeous ring!

One Saturday in February, a group of us (Mama, me, Enoch, Aunt Kendra, Erica, and Sarah) went shopping with Pam to find a wedding dress and she found THE dress and she said YES! Here she is in a wedding dress, but it is not THE dress! THE dress will not be revealed until the BIG day!

Pam with Erica

My mama when Pam decided to say yes to her dress!

The next day, Sunday, we all had lunch at my parent's house and then went to a Bridal Show. Uncle Jojo came home this weekend, too, and loved on Enoch and Xander! Such a great weekend!

Valentine's Date

Jared and Enoch took me out to eat for Valentine's Day. Here is one of my dates, Mr. Perfect!

Enoch at 3 months old

Here is Enoch at 3 months old! He is hungry and would rather be eatting instead of having his picture made!
I love this mad face!

He is so handsome!

Bible Class

Here are some pictures of Enoch sitting in the seats in Bible class for the first couple of times! He looked like such a big boy! Enoch has been going to Bible class since he was about a week or so old!
This is Enoch in his Wednesday night Bible class.

Coleman is one of Enoch's buddies. He is looking at him like, "What are you doing here?"

Enoch's Bible class! Such a cute group of kids!

Enoch's feet dangling!

Look at those cute boots!

Here he is in Bible class on Sunday morning!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Pictures of Enoch

Here are some random pictures of our pride and joy!

Enoch before Wednesday night worship.